Features of Risk Registrar, the Windows Store app

Guiding you through the risk management process

We've designed the app around the process outlined in the international standard for risk management, ISO31000.

Risk Registrar is ideal for people who are not risk management specialists.

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Identifying your risks

The first step is to identify the risks that matter to you.

Risk Registrar comes with sets of examples of the risks that might be relevant to a business or to a charity.

Focusing on the risks that matter

The app helps you to consider the causes and consequences of each risk. It also enables you to grade their likelihood and impact.

Risk Registrar will help to put your risks in order, so you can focus on what's most important.

Planning how to tackle your risks

What can you do to reduce the likelihood of a risk or reduce its impact? Risk Registrar will help you decide on the best approach and plan what needs to be done.

Tracking progress

Risk management is about taking action to reduce your risks. Risk Registrar will help you to track as you get your risks under control.

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